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We all want to increase web traffic to our sites and whether you have purchased one of  our turnkey sites or whether you have built your Web site from the ground up, an important part of an online business is getting visitors to  your Web site

So how do you increase traffic?

There are only two ways to do this and they are to purchase the traffic or learn how to do it yourself

Buy Web Traffic

10,000 - 1000,000 TARGETED unique visitors and more to your Web site NOT banner impressions!... NOT spam!... NOT pop ups!..
JUST good old fashioned highly TARGETED unique visitors!

We can offer you the means to do both of these, firstly we provide TARGETED unique visitors with prices starting as low as $17.99 for 10,000 visitors.

1,000 FREE Visitors with Business and Commerce Plans

What do we offer that the others don't
Web site traffic at the lowest prices anywhere!
Order UNLIMITED amounts of Targeted unique visitors!
Run UNLIMITED campaigns!
Highly effective TARGETED advertising
Campaigns completed in 30 days.
Orders processed the same day
Real-Time Stats For All campaigns!

Whether you want the traffic to go to your business hosting Plus or want to start your very own traffic reseller business, we can provide you with targeted visitors at wholesale prices.

Traffic information

We are very proud of the traffic we offer. We do not have “secret sources” or “secret methods” for generating traffic. Our traffic is derived from hard work. You deserve to know the source of the traffic so that you can make an informed business decision when purchasing it

Business Hosting Plus owns many domain names. Most of these domain names were previously pointed to a Web site However, the names expired and we bought them.

We set the Nameservers records to point to our servers. Thus, anybody attempting to visit one of the domain names will arrive on our servers instead. When a visitor arrives, our system first determines if they have visited before, and if so, when. If they have visited within the last 24 hours, we check to see where they were sent to make sure the same visitor isn’t sent to the same place more than once a day.

Next, a program is run on our server to search for a URL to which we will send the visitor. Finally, our system writes out a web page that will cause the visitor to be sent to the URL that has been chosen. At the same time, another program will be run to update our database, indicating that a visitor has been sent to the URL. (This is how we derive the traffic count). All of this happens in a few milliseconds.


50 MB disk space
Unlimited POP email accounts
User Control Panel
Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
1 GB data transfer/mo
Front Page
Shopping cart


100 MB disk space
Unlimited POP email accounts
User Control Panel
Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
3 GB data transfer/mo
Front Page
Shopping cart


200 MB disk space
Unlimited POP email accounts
User Control Panel
Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
5 GB data transfer/mo
FTP/Front Page Access
Shopping cart

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