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Privacy & Disclaimer

INFO: COLLECTION AND SECURITY respects your privacy and is totally devoted towards its protection. So here we are presenting ourselves as the sole owner of all information collected by us and given on this website. We, in no case rent, loan or sell any of the client's details or information unless granted by the client in his benefit. Yeah, we do store and process your details to understand your particulars and to design the product and services you are going to launch. It may also be used to provide you with information concerning our industry news, special events or features and offers suited for you. If you correspond with us via E- mail, we may collect the information and store it with full confidentiality.


Any confidential data sent on the website is made to provide in the encrypted manner which is sent to us in a secured manner. We also fully-protect the data provided offline. In our office, only those persons are given access to data who requires it for official use Strict vigil is kept o those using client's data and the servers, where the data are stored are also kept in a secure environment.

Business Hosting Plus knows that it is very necessary to share the information for protecting, investigating or taking action against any illegitimate act, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or as otherwise required by law.


Business Hosting Plus understands the irritation, frustration and dangers of transmission or distribution of spam emails (i.e. unsolicited bulk e-mails) and knows that it is a big loophole in internet security and has taken practical and sensible looking actions to deal with this. All e-mails received by Unic Web Design are made to check for spam twice by our servers with SPAMHAUS subscription service before they could enter the mail-box. Those recognized as spam are rejected and relevant information is send to the sender. With all these steps and several others, Unic Web Design comfortably reserves the right to reject and suspicious looking spams e-mails.


Business Hosting Plus is not at all responsible for the authenticity of any kind of personal data provided to us by the client. We believe that it is his duty to ensure and check that any kind of data coming from them is authentic.

Grievance Redressal

If you have any suggestion, complaint or grievance in relation to any of the services given by us, it should be e-mailed to the grievance officer who is there to take all these suggestion, complaint or grievance and reply them on time.

Privacy policy may change without notice

The clients and the visitors should stay aware that we harden our privacy policy every now and then depending on the new threats and danger coming on internet. But we guarantee on this issue that we'll not subtract the privileges enjoyed by our clients at any cost. Any changes made will be for the beneficiary of the clients and if there are some changes, all the clients will be informed on this through e-mails and personal conversations. We will also keep prior versions of this Policy in an archive for your review.


The content on this site may contain some occasional inaccuracies and typing errors here and there. does not gives any warranty on the accuracy or the completeness of any data or material or on the trustworthiness of any kind of advice, opinion or statement or other information displayed or distributed through this Website.

We also acknowledge that relying on any of the opinion, advice, statement, memorandum, or information may put the client at some kind of rick which shall be at your sole risk. We own the right in sole judgment to correct any type of error or lapse in any part of this website. Business Hosting Plus may apply the [Privacy policy may change without notice] point of privacy policy without any prior information.


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Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
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Unlimited POP email accounts
User Control Panel
Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
3 GB data transfer/mo
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200 MB disk space
Unlimited POP email accounts
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Cgi-bin directory / Perl 5
5 GB data transfer/mo
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